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I am A photographer, a mind-sailor, I have Lived all around the world

This blog is riddled with my own photos and ideals as well as interesting posts I find I hope you enjoy.

I will be moving very soon. I'm excited to start my new life... again. this life in s a journey I like to believe I am an explorer. I still have many adventures to embark.

Independent: “Al-Qaeda is appealing to the Islamic State to spare Western hostages.”

18. September 2014


You know you’re fucked up when even Al Qaeda are telling you to calm down a bit.



There is no White History Month because whites hold all the power.
There is no Straight Pride because heterosexuals hold all the power.
There is no Men’s Rights Movement because men hold all the power.

If you are not being oppressed, your cause does not require awareness. You already have everything in your favor. Quit whining and recognize your privilege.